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Observe and learn

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Its because I watched, I observed and absorbed so much...

I remember growing up, we watched a lot of dance. On TV , on stage, and around us. All kinds of dance. Kathak, semi classical, bollywood, folk, ganpati dance ( Yes.. that's a genre in itself! )

Going for a live performance with my dance teacher was an exciting event. It meant I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her, outside of the studio, hear her critic of the performance and go shopping :) I still remember watching #ptbirjumaharajji perform live at Nehru centre Mumbai, and being in awe of his charisma and ease on stage, watching Archana Joglekar's powerful performance and taking home that energy with me. Hema Malini's divine aura reminds me of the purity of the art form. Unknowingly I have been shaped into the dancer/student that I am today by these performances.

With social media at anyones finger tips, todays generation has access to thousands of performances. But with quick changing trends and 30 second videos, attention spans have grown miniscule. And with class minutes counted by dollars spent, there is not enough time to observe and learn. Parents have confronted me about their children watching performances rather than dancing during class. But I encourage everyone to watch, just watch... let dance do its magic.

Some Instagram accounts of Dancers I follow:





Some local artists to follow:





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